Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunway Lagoon!

Haha! alright guys the 2nd lagoon trip! well this time is a total twist! we took the train of MALAYSIA! well klang actually haha! to Sunway Lagoon. Its our 1st time doing that and its forbidden for us! we even tried not to tell our parents about it,BUT guess who? just SPIT OUT all those SHIT right in front of my mom.I was like WTF! my mom was looking at me 0.0!! so at the station we waited for the girls chin wo, shieh ling and pei pei to arrive and while waiting we decided to get the tickets 1st and it cost us rm2 each.As soon as the train arrived we RUSHED in like RATS! and the funny thing is keat ping rushed in too quickly and had to stand in between devils! and we watched him SUFFER! haha! XD

yup the so called KTM!

We're in there for around half and hour and reached subang station with sweat all over our beautiful most wonderful bodies and face! haha so freaking HOT in there so CHEAP! haha! i hope so one from the gorverment sees this! haha =x after that its TAXI time! we missed the BUS because of another freak! guess who game again..well i'll tell you the answer straight its KEAT PING! that freaks of all freaks and also my BRATHER! as in friends..u know what i mean... every was like looking at him and he was like "what the hell did i do?" we missed the BUS because of u thats what u did! haha! anyways we walked to subang parade to get a taxi.ATTENTION all humans! do not get a green proton taxi! its a curse to all teenagers haha! when got off from the taxi at sunway lagoon the taxi driver found out we can't open up his bonet!!. every was like WHAT!? our bags is inside! my cloths,keat ping's cloths and yong phang's wallet that the worst part of the bags getting stuck in the taxi.Then Victor and Ivan joined us when every1 is in crisis!
But me and keat ping didn't cared much so we went and get the tickets 1st.After that the bonet finally OPENED! yeah! JUMP every1! haha!~

EVERYONE there came and see what the hell is going on! WOW are we that popular? come on! its just bags getting stucked inside the bonet! OH maybe yong phang cried there or something! haha! I"M JUST KIDDING its just a picture from google i found haha! just too MUCH!

OKAY OKAY... no more CRISIS! every1 chill out! So we went to put in our STUFFs in the locker. and waited for the girls to get changed and we saw JIA JUN there with his buddies we were abit suprised but we didn't care! haha! finally the girls came out.Then its time for SCREAM PARK!
wow! Trimbling...

YUP thats the place...the trimbling place... the entrance where every1 SCREAMss aaaaaaaa!!!!!~~
well the girls stoped at this part together with yong phang! so me,keat ping,ivan and victor continued the journey to SCREAM land haha!



Finally we came out with trimbling hands.... ooooooo!!!~and found out the girls and YONG PHANG were riding the merry GO PUUTT! haha! then after that we played everything in the map BELOW'''''

Well all those wet stuff is the same so why bother wasting my time writing that shit! haha!

the ride we didn't manage to play! haha! there is always next time!

Well its 5 o clock already! wow thats fast! time just POOF!@#$ when we're having fun! we all decide to go to sunway pyramid! after we all bath,shit and style in the toilet! haha! MAN! the toilet is FILLED with naked man! haha i'm seeing things! haha! After that, we all meet up at the lockers with a smile =) haha!i wonder why? haha!

So off we go! to sunway pyramid.The girls wanted to walk awhile so we separated and us BOYS went for a little walk around pyramid...then we decide to play the archery! me, yong phang and victor watched while ivan and keat ping played!

just look at them GO!
keat ping's 1st SHOT! OH MY GOD! bull's eye! 0...0!!!

waiting....IMPATIENTLY! haha! jkjk^^^^^freak?^^^^^
^^^nonono! 1 of a KIND!^^^

Then its time for dinner! Every1 met up at ESPRIT! to decide what are we gonna eat! the girls was like anything anything then we're like what what? then again n again n again the girls said anything anything anything ==!!!!!! THEN! the 1 of a KIND! said lets eat DRAGON-i!!!!! every1 was like wtf! and guess what? we went there and eat anyways...haha! MAN!

DRAGON-i!!!!!!!!AH OH! what were they doing???!?
1 of a kind is sitting with? haha! XD

Okay..so we finished eating our DRAGON-i! then yong phang's brother yong sheng! met us there to join us for the trip home! by train again... haha! So..we took the TAXI at sunway pyramid,and don't worry its not a green 1 haha! We split into 2 taxi. 1st taxi me,chin wo,shieh ling and pei pei, 2nd taxi yong phang,yong sheng,ivan,victor and keat ping. LEFT me alone! haha but it was fun in the taxi haha! don't ask me what we did? haha! shhhh...

WHO are they staring at?
oh! i think i know WHO! they're staring at! haha!
tsk tsk tsk...

Haha! what a FUN day! a memory to remember! well... we finally reached the klang station and it time for GOOD BYESs.... =(

CHARACTERS of the story :
yong phang the main character
the 1 of a kind!
the woo woo MAN!
the COOL guy
beside him is yong sheng. the 1 of a kind's bro

girls:chin wo,shieh ling and pei pei
can't get a good picture of them haha!

keat ping
the photographer and archery pro!

Yours Truly..hsianghan
The director.

-The End-

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