Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Genting Trip

Haha! went to genting on 23/11/2008 with my parents n my cousin. Alright we woke up early and went for breakfast BAH KUT TEH! haha! after that our journey BEGAN! took us 1 and a half hours to get there.Reached there at 2 i think.Genting was freaking COLD that day wow! and so we checked in hotel RESORT bla bla bla.... So me and my cousin went off to buy tickets! for the outdoor activities haha! Poof! like a speed of light we ran there can't wait to PLAY! and so we sat the 1st ride which was the SPINNER! we lined up till we DIE haha! Finally its our turn! weeeeee!~ we were turning n turning n turning SUDDENLY it RAINED OH MY GOD so heavily we were ALL WET! GREAT just started the 1st game then RAINED -.- so we are forced to go in and come back later at night. Before that we went to buy some cloths because our cloths are all WET as u can see haha! Then guess what? Jaylyn is COMING! the next day! haha! so we dicided to meet up =D so excited to be meeting her finally haha! and so my cousin and i went back to the outdoor to continue the FUN! at around 7 30 where there is no1 there 0.0? so we played n played n played everything over n over n over again haha!

Here is some pictures...

YES YES we saw 2 LAMBORGHINI gallardo! and a NISSAN GT-R!!! OH MY GOD so SEXY! the lamborghini was a green 1 and a white 1 can't take a picture with the white 1 cause too many people there haha!

Don't have much pictures for the outdoors cause we were busy PLAYI
NG till we DROP! haha!

And so.. we slept at 1 in the morning woke up at 10 30 checked out at 12 ha
ha! went to out our stuff in the car and we saw another CAR!BMW X6!!!!!!!!!! haha! sexy CARS all around GENTING! what is that crazy MAN doing there??????????

SO after eating our lunch bla bla bla my dad went in the CASINO again! haha! and my mum too! and its time for us to play INDOOR!!!!! haha!
Look at him GO!!!!!!!~ the guy in the blue shirt is my cousin! haha!

So after that around 4 05 i met up with Jaylyn n her friends haha! they were at Mcdonald's but they change their minds haha! bla bla bla... and soon i got to go said bye to them and sadly didn't acctually spent more time with her cause my parents got to go haha!and soo i went back so tired i slept in the car haha! my cousin too! =D

Brought back some CASINO chips haha!!!!!!!!!!!

The END of my GENTING trip......

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The sleep over at my house

Okay and so we planned the sleep over thing at my house a few days back.Finally, the day has come! it was on wed that is 2 days back. Calvin said he is going to arrive at my house around 10 in the morning and GUESS WHAT?! he arrived at 9 30! i tot he was going to be here later then 10 so why not sleep a little more =P. SUDDENLY! my phone rang and i answered with a grumpy face!" WHO THE **** is this?" Calvin said " i'm outside your house!" and i tot to myself oh ya! TRUST THE CHEW! he is coming at 10 but nooooooo he came at 9 30! great! just great! (if you are wondering why i'm pissed is because i didn't get ready before he arrived plus! i told my parents he was coming at 10) sooo.. bla bla bla he came in with his chicken rice FACE! and guess what he did the 1st thing he came in my room! Hey Hsiang Han can i borrow your toilet? i'm feeling the chicken in my stomach! oh great! just great! OF COURSE I SAID YES! haha! it was funny anyways =D and so after his big bussiness we decided to give Keat Ping a little call and ask him WHERE THE **** are you??!!!! but guess what? his mum picked up the call and said"Keat Ping is sleeping now" soo... we were all like -.- this haha!

Calvin CHEW! can't wait for that FREAK Keat Ping anymore so he decid
ed to play ps2! and played played played till 12 in the afternoon and we gave our GOOD friend a little call again! too too... too too... Keat Ping! u little FREAK! where are you! Keat Ping said:" yala yala i'm coming la after i eat n take a bath!" HOLY GOD almost 4 hours we wasted time for that FREAK!

And FINALLY! that freak came at 1:30 and we ALL decided to watch '28 weeks later'

THIS MOVIE IS THE BOMB! its scary and ugly!

This is the 1st part where ME ,KEAT PING and CALVIN went AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its scares the CRAP out of us and trust me we are not watching on a normal tv its was on the BIG well not so BIG cinema ROOM! with speakers that can BLOW your minds!!!!!!

This guy here is a chicken! he leaves his own wife in the house with those cacat peoples who is now trying to kill him now! haha! IN YOUR FACE!

Pls tell me is this a boy or a girl??????????
CALVIN CHEW said this is a girl! how silly is this! even a baby knows this is a boy! haha!
This kid was in the movie! he is like a cure who can't get infected by the VIRUS! he is also that CHICKEN's son! the guy on the top who is running for his LIFE!

Sooo after the movie we ate KFC! but too bad! i've got a cacat NECK that day. Can't even move it so freaking PAIN! eat also hard. Trust me its so pain u would want to give up your LIFE! haha!
and so after we had taken our lunch we went upstairs and played some games again and again and again........After when my dad reached home we decided to go BUKIT TINGGI's JUSCO! to have our dinner there and grap some new games! and asked the price for a PS3!!!!! OH MY GOD ps3 is just HEAVEN! haha! So we went back at around 10 45 and calvin wanted to strip down n do some work out for his FAT body haha!

THERE look at the CALVIN CHEW half NAKED! haha! and Keat Ping playing the new games we bought! haha! =D i was laying down cause of my cacated NECK!

They played games till 5! in the morning i was sleeping already at 3! cause of my NECK.GOD KNOWS what they did when i was sleeping haha! i woke up at 5 in the morning notice them still playing WWE 2009! thats how i know they played till 5! haha! and so every1 slept at 5:30 and woke up at 12:45 in the afternoon haha! CALVIN went back at around 1:30 but keat ping was still here after taking our missed breakfast keat ping went home!

We had much FUN! that day haha!
The END of 'the sleep over at my house' =D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another boring YeT Fun Day

Alright,woke up at 12 in the afternoon today! watch some television,eat, bla bla bla....
Turn on my lap top and started chatting... with my friends. Keat ping started talking about his problems he is facing and so i listened. Its kind of interesting and so i gave him some advise....

Suddenly! comes online is Jaylyn! she said: Hiiiiiiiiiiii =D and so we talked n talked n talked then we decided to play some MSN GAMES! so started the 1st game was Reversi!
i WON the 1st game but the next 2 games sh
e totally KILLED me in Reversi.

just look at it. She got 35 i got 29!

OK not only did we played Reversi which i lose badly! we tried some more games in MSN like bejeweled,checkers,hexic which i WON! haha!,3D tic tac toe and 7 hand poker!
We played for 1 hour and 40 minutes i think =D
Well that's all for today's activity for me sadly she had to go T.T but we had FUN!!!!!! =D

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friendster is BACK! (i think)

Alright alright i know i know..... friendster don't SUCK anymore cause its BACK! well a few days back friendster was having a maintenance kind of thing and when its back my 166 friends was missing in action! so i was like HOLY F**K. So i was pissed and wanted to get back blogging that was also kind of JAYLYN's idea haha! the conversation was something like this: iӈs|ang ӈaӣ✖said:oh good lord! fs not fun liao have to add so many ppl bak -.-
jaylyn said:xD
iӈs|ang ӈaӣ✖said:haiya play blog la haha!
jaylyn said:yaa..create new blog
iӈs|ang ӈaӣ✖said:hey! i forgot how hard it was to create a BLOG!
jaylyn said:xDD yaa..lols
iӈs|ang ӈaӣ✖said:creating now,how to change backgrounds?
jaylyn said:xD y create agn,hmM..templates
iӈs|ang ӈaӣ✖ said:cause i forgot my password in my old 1
jaylyn said:xDD ohh
iӈs|ang ӈaӣ✖said:i don't like the old 1 also =P

HAHA that's all for the blog part haha! not all of it is exactly i cut short straight to the point =D. So.... i started back. My old blog is still around but the bad news is i forgot my password so its now DIED

Thx! Jaylyn!

Okay! i'm going to start off by saying THANK YOU to my beloved friend JAYLYN!!!!!!! for making this blog a success! okay? i dunno what she is going to do next!? haha! cause she has my password ssshhhhhhhh.....she started off with the Cbox! which is purple!! i had no idea until i came back from my AMAH's! house which was a HUGE suprise! from Jaylyn i ever had =D anyways... thx again for the HELP i kind of like the purple haha! =D

Saturday, November 15, 2008

turning over a new leaf

As you can see i started blogging again!
First things first friendster is not going well now!
And all i want to say is YOU SUCK FRIENDSTER!!!!!!!!!!! XD