Saturday, February 21, 2009

a SHOCK in student's LIFES!

ATTENTION! Our new headmaster is going to suggest all the boys to cut BOTAK
and all girls to cut short hair in the incoming PIBG general meeting! if this
happens please inform your parents for ACTION!

I received this msg from hundreds of student from kwang hua yesterday.This is the MOST shocking news i had ever heard in my LIFE! BOTAK! i didn't even go BOTAK once! and u want me to just SHAVE my head! you're CRAZY mr.!

Everyone was like OMG OMG! what are we gonna do!????!!!! its the END of the WORLD!! my beautiful HAIR! GOD! save me!!!!!! save meeeeee!!!!!!!! XD

Sooo....if this really happens! LISTEN UP! yeah mr.! READ this.. OUR PARENTS is gonna COME get you! so u betta not LUAN LUAN LAI! got it!? GOOD!

WOW! thats just the way to END it! PHEW!

this what is going to happen to us when we go bald mad like her!

(wait for my news about this terrible, horifiying, deadliest, most craziest thing on planet EARTH!)